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EcoLaw - About Us

Ecolaw is a professional's response to the challenge of meeting the need for commercial and economic advances and yet valuing and safeguarding our environment.

In order to maximise the impact that environmental awareness can exert on development Ecolaw needs to become a 'Community of interest' in which members can both find and share experience and knowledge.
We live in changing times, but there is nothing new there. What we do find different is the speed at which increasing complexity affects the business environment. New patterns of supply and demand are influencing the way in which professionals have to combine their resources to produce successful project outcomes. Collaboration is 'in the air' but the benefits and profits for the participants, and the environment, will only be captured by its application.

Ecolaw sees itself as a 'support system' that will enable players in the environment and development market to achieve greater success and satisfaction.

Ecolaw contributors



A brief history

Ecolaw Ltd, a subsidiary of Richards, Moorehead and Laing Ltd (RML), has designed and produced an easy to use, state of the art website which combines a wealth of ecological information and a commentary on the law as it relates to the protected plants and animals throughout the United Kingdom. We believe that the Ecolaw website will be invaluable to all organisations and individuals concerned with land use, construction and any site-based activity which could affect the ecology of the land in question.

As you will no doubt be aware the penalties for ignoring the ecological implications of development can be extremely harsh in terms of delays and other costly issues. Ecolaw is both an opportunity for Ecologists to market their skills, knowledge and experience and an opportunity for the Developer to access relevant and useful information and experience. Dyne Solicitors Limited provide the legal expertise to provide the Developer with legal assistance and advice on the Ecolaw site.

Nature conservation law in the U.K. continues to grow rapidly, as does the number of species which are protected. Ecolaw and RML feel that access to this information and, most importantly, access to the qualified ecologist, will be a major step forward in the promotion of and respect for ecology and will result in more properly executed development schemes. The Ecolaw website provides the following data and features:

  1. A description of protected species for the benefit of construction and development professionals.
  2. The legal implications of the presence of protected species on land which is destined for development.
  3. A directory by means of which Ecologists can be contacted by potential clients.
  4. Useful resources for Ecologists

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